This section will inform you about anti-doping. There are wonderful resources and the Pure As Ice campaign to learn about!

What do you know about Anti-Doping? Are you a clean skater? Committed to a Clean Sport that is just as Pure as Ice? 

Skaters and their entourage can educate themselves on Anti-Doping obligations that shall go a long way to understand their responsibilities towards Clean Sport. Doping prevention is very important because it helps skaters to raise their awareness without putting their careers at risk.  The key aspect of this is to have a robust education plan, including effective Anti-Doping education, that is easily accessible to everyone. We hope the Skating community work together with us towards Clean Sport that is Pure as Ice!

This is a connection to the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) ADeL (anti-doping eLearning) which contains various courses. Be sure to check into these resources.  If you’re an athlete, coach, parent, medical professional or play another role in supporting athletes then we have education programs for you.  These resources will help you develop your anti-doping knowledge and support those who need to know about all things clean sport.

¿Qué sabes sobre el antidopaje? ¿Eres un patinador limpio? ¿Estás comprometido con un deporte limpio tan Puro como el Hielo?

Los patinadores y su entorno pueden educarse sobre las obligaciones antidopaje que serán de gran ayuda para comprender sus responsabilidades para con el deporte limpio. La prevención del dopaje es muy importante porque ayuda a los patinadores a crear conciencia sin poner en riesgo sus carreras. El aspecto clave de esto es tener un plan educativo sólido, incluida una educación antidopaje eficaz, que sea fácilmente accesible para todos. ¡Esperamos que la comunidad de patinaje trabaje junto con nosotros hacia un deporte limpio tan Puro como el Hielo!