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The physical body is important as an athlete but understanding the mental capabilities of you and your team, as well as putting the best strategies in place, are equally essential for success.  Although the modules have been primarily developed for Speed Skating Branch, the modules will also be of interest to Figure Skaters and Coaches.

The modules include sections covering personality profiles, habits, decision making, guidelines on giving and receiving feedback based on personality types, goal setting and philosophical dialogues. 

Dr. Inge Stoter explains her award-winning thesis which provides scientific and practical insights in the development of 1500m speed skaters towards elite performance.
Performance development in speed skating, pacing (distribution of energy over the race), technique and muscle fatigue were studied and will be discussed in the webinar recordings to be viewed. 

In this module, we explain the codes and language for infringement calls. Each infringement is described, in detail, through words and/or video.  We will also identify detailed explanations of the correct actions and the mistakes that may lead to penalties, yellow and/or red cards. Don't forget to download the printable document for easy, convenient reference.

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