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Figure Skating Centers of Excellence have a commitment to assist with the development of skating and on this webinar series, they enable a better understanding of what a Figure Skating CoE can possibly offer to the skating community. Learn from the experts of different parts of the world with this webinar series!

ISU eLearning would like to present the Virtual Event Toolkit. This series of modules will help you set up and run Virtual Events including various types of virtual activities, such as meetings, seminars and competitions.

The videos, in this course, were selected from an Ice Dance seminar conducted in Oberstdorf, Germany in 2019. The aim of the seminar was to help develop ice dance coaches and their skaters to achieve higher technical levels. World-class coaches moderated the seminar classes which included off ice and on ice exercises in ballet, ballroom dance, jazz/mime/expression, relaxation/yoga, movement to music, theatre and modern dance technique lectures. 

In the course we will view on-ice demonstrations which will cover:

  • Body Positions
  • Choreographic Step Sequences
  • Choreographic Twizzles
  • Coordination and Rhythm
  • Exercises in Killian Hold
  • New Choreographic Ideas

Brian Orser is a Canadian former competitive and professional skater and has dedicated many years to the sport both as an athlete and most recently as a world renowned coach.

In the clips of the recorded seminar videos, Brian helps to explore and explain various ways to improve a skater's jumps, spins, footwork and overall techniques.  

We've also included the discussions that Brian had with the students and the coaches at the seminar. The video footage is from a coach development seminar in Melbourne, Australia.

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