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Figure skating attracts spectators from around the world for many reasons. As one of the very few sports that combine athleticism with artistry, it draws on a wide spectrum of musical genres. The focus of this module is on the part of figure skating known as Program Components.

The module provides snapshots of a few training exercises created by the coach-moderators, which reflect their personal teaching methods. The intent is not to present a full range of possibilities for teaching Program Components. There are also additional resources including information about the criteria used to evaluate each of the Program Components developed for judges' education by the ISU Technical Committees.

The videos, in this course, were selected from an Ice Dance seminar conducted in Oberstdorf, Germany in 2019. The aim of the seminar was to help develop ice dance coaches and their skaters to achieve higher technical levels. World-class coaches moderated the seminar classes which included off ice and on ice exercises in ballet, ballroom dance, jazz/mime/expression, relaxation/yoga, movement to music, theatre and modern dance technique lectures. 

In the course we will view on-ice demonstrations which will cover:

  • Body Positions
  • Choreographic Step Sequences
  • Choreographic Twizzles
  • Coordination and Rhythm
  • Exercises in Killian Hold
  • New Choreographic Ideas