Do you know who invented the one-piece skin suit? Why would you want it to be one-piece anyway? Get to know more here!

Do you know when the first quad was attempted by a woman in competition? 

Get to know more about the quad jump! 

This short module presents some great advice from experts at Speed Skating and Short Track Centers of Excellence from around the world. They will look at choosing and caring for your skates. 

This short module presents the key differences between Short Track and Long Track Speedskating. Learn in Small Bites!

Did you know who invented the Biellman spin? The name of the spin might be familiar but do you know what it is and why it's popular? In this module, we will learn a little more about the Biellman Spin! 
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Elements Explained is a video series that provides detailed explanations and tips on how to successfully accomplish the most common Figure Skating elements. The videos were produced by the ISU Centers of Excellence in Bangkok, Beijing, Bergamo, Champery, Detroit, and Oberstdorf, and turned into a microlearning course for the ISU eLearning platform.

Happy learning!